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dence, and therefore the agricultural laborers, miners, and all other classes of working-people, for the last fifty years and more, have been free. The miners are said to be better workers than the farm-hands, as they are not migratory in their habits, and generally spend their lif

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Sharon Stockowich & Michael Eden

etime [Pg 98] in the places where they were born, unless compelled to go elsewhere in search of employment. HACIENDA NEAR THE CITY. Before the Conquest beasts of burden were unknown, and everything that had to be transported was moved by human muscle. The priests imported donkeys to take the place of men in carrying burdens, and from the animals thus introduced the present race of burros is descended. Cattle, sheep, horses, and hogs were brought from Spain previous

to the importation of donkeys, which did not make their advent until the eighteenth century. Horses, cattle, and mules in great number are raised in Mexico annually, but the stock-growers do not pay much attention to other animals. The foregoing was learned by Frank and Fred during their ride from Zacatecas to Aguas Calientes, and therefore this is its proper place in the narrative. "There must be a hot spring where we are going," said Fred, "as aguas calientes means 'hot waters.'" [Pg 99] "You are right," replied the Doctor; "there are hot springs in the c

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ity and all through this region, and the baths of the city are famous, like most hot baths, for their beneficial effects in rheumatism and other diseases." PRISONERS AT WORK IN THE JAIL. Of course a hot bath was one of the thing

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ld. DuriThe Beginning Is Always Fun and Games


s to be sought, and the travellers found it without difficulty. There was a bathing establishment in the city, but they were advised to shun it and visit the suburban baths, which were easily reached by the tram-way. The temperature

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of the water is 106° Fahrenheit, and the supply is abundant. The baths, combined with the general beauty of the place, have made Aguas Calientes a popular health resort, and with the improved accommodations that are sure to fol



low the advent of the railway the popularity will increase. [Pg 100] "It's the prettiest city we have seen since we came into Mexico," wrote Frank in his note-book—"prettier than Monterey, Saltillo, or any other of our halting-pl

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aces. It abounds in gardens, and the people seem to have a passionate fondness for flowers, if we may judge by the extent to which they cultivate them. Around the city the country is fertile, and there are finely cultivated fields,

lways some
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The Bride's Side of the contractors brought a su

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luxuriant vineyards, rich meadows, and everything to please the eye. It is said that artists have a special liking for this place, and now that I've seen it I'm n

the bride
bride's dad

ot at all surprised. "Whoever laid out this city had an eye to the picturesque, and realized that land was plenty, as he gave it one large plaza and ten

bride's maid

smaller ones, and adorned several of the plazas with gardens. Then there are some fine buildings belonging to the Government. There are thirteen churches, a hospital, and a college; and I must not forget that there is a jail, which is well patronized, and is said to be very attractive for a jail. We have been through the market, whi

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Laura Grewich (Bride's Maid)

ch is supplied with more fruit than we have seen since we left Monterey, together with several varieties that we have not observed elsewhere. "They have a population of about twenty-five thousand here, and the chief industry is in manufacturing. They make cloth of various kinds, including some fine woollens, and we have seen handso

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Anna Lipsum (Bride's Maid)

me work in leather and some very pretty pottery. Everybody we've talked with says that it's a pity it is not the time of the annual fair, which lasts from the 23d of April to the 10th of May, and brings in a large number of people from the surrounding country. There are many curious costumes and customs to be seen during the fair, w

The Groom's Side pply of wheelbarrows, to replace

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Michelle Eden (Mother)

hich is a period of feasting for all who attend it. Mr. Janvier says it resembles our Thanksgiving, as everybody then lives upon cacones, or turkeys. The festival

the groom
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Paul Eden (Father)

is of very ancient date, and was held before the advent of the Spaniards. [Pg 101] OF SPANISH BLOOD. "In such a beautiful city we have looked for beautiful

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George Smith (Best Man)

inhabitants, but haven't found a great many, though it is proper to say we haven't been able to hold a review of the whole population. While walking in one of the gardens we saw several pretty girls of Spanish blood, accompanied by their duennas; for, according to Spanish custom, no young girl is allowed to walk out alone. They were

groom man
Alex Ross (Best Man)

dressed much after the fashion of Paris or New York, except that they wore the lace veil or mantilla over their heads, instead of the bonnet, which is the fashion with us. Their taste seems inclined to gaudy colors, derived perhaps from the luxuriance of nature around them. "The lower classes of the people are much more picturesqu

groom man
Brian Cox (Best Man)

e than the upper, and the women more so than the men. Their skins are dark, and their hair and eyes are invariably black. They keep their teeth white, and are said to do so by a vigorous application of the juice of the soap-plant. A piece of the stalk of this plant is chewed until it forms a sort of brush; it contains a soapy juice

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that has cleansing properties beneficial to the teeth. Many of the young women are pleasing to look upon, but they are said to lose their good looks before reaching middle life, for the reason, no doubt, that they have to do a great deal of hard work. Their dress is a cheap calico, short in the skirt and generally bright in color, with a loose jacket or waist. If their heads are covered, it is with the rebozo chiquito, a scarf of silk or cott

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    on that is wrapped aro

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    and has a lo

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ng fringe, which falls down the back. The rebozo is very convenient for carrying a baby, who is suspended there exactly as babies ar

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e carried in Japan."


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after a run of 130 miles. An hour or more after leaving Aguas Calientes, they crossed the barranca, or cañon, through which the Encarnacion River flows; the bridge by which they crossed it is built of iron, and is more than 700 feet long. It is fully 150 feet above the water, and the view as one looks downwar

nd [Pg 97]
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d from the centre of the bridge is apt to cause dizziness to a nervous traveller. A DRY BARRANCA. "Perhaps you don't know what a barranca is," wrote Fra

that they
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must use the
Of Maids and Men
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nk, in his next letter to his mother. "Well, it's a deep channel which the water has worn in its s

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s instead of
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teady flow for thousands of years through the earth or soft rock. The channel of Niagara River from the falls to Lewiston may be called a barranca, and so may any similar cutting made by a stream, whether large or small. Some of the Mexican barrancas are 2000 feet wide, a

the sacks,
Things Our Parents Say
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nd 1000 or 1500 feet deep; their sides are almost precipitous, and every year the waters wear a deeper way through the rock or earth. "Did you ever walk through a field, and come suddenly upon a ditch or brook that was not visible a few yards away? Well, that's the case

they filled
the vehicles
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with some of these barrancas. You come upon one without being aware that you are near it; you may be galloping along enjoying the fresh air and the pleasure of a ride, when all at once your horse stops, and as you draw the reins you find yourself on the edge of a precipic

with earth
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e, looking down hundreds of feet, perhaps, to the turbid stream struggling along its course. On [Pg 103] the other side of the barranca the country is level again, and you could gallop on without trouble but for the yawning chasm that stands in your way.

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"The barrancas are crossed by descending to the stream along a sloping road built with great ingenuity and at much expense; the stream is passed by an ordinary bridge, and the high ground is reached again along another sloping road. Barrancas have long been a serious obstacle to the construction of wagon-roads in Mexico, and in recent years they have taxed the ingenuity of railway eng

ineers who sought to pass them." The first impo

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rtant city on the route was Lagos, which has a population of 25,000 or thereabouts, and is devoted to manufacturing; farther on is Leon, which is four times as large, and five or six times more important, [Pg 104] as it is the principal manufacturing city of the republic, and was founded about 1550. Formerly there was a great fair held at Leon annually for the sale of goods; it was

similar to the great fairs of Europe before the

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invention of the railway, but has dwindled in importance as the railways have come in, and will probably be abandoned before many years. "What do they make at Leon?" one may ask. For answer, Fred or Frank will tell you that they make pretty nearly every kind of article that finds a market in Mexico and can be fashioned by Mexican hands. There are numerous tanneries there, and the leat

her which they produce is made into boots, saddl

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es, harnesses, leggings, and other things into whose composition leather enters. There are factories for the manufacture of cotton and woollen cloth, serapes, rebozos, and the like; there are large shops where hats are made of every Mexican style and kind, and sent to all parts of the republic; and there are soap factories, iron founderies, cutlery establishments, tool-shops, and so on

through a long and possibly tiresome list. And

Gallery Model 1 heads. The contractors were obliged to ret

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it is safe to say that a popular vote of the inhabitants of Leon would show an overwhelming majority in favor of a protective [Pg 105] tariff. Leonites are firm believers in protection to home industries, and look frowningly on any movement to supplant their goods with those of foreign make. CHURCH OF SAN DIEGO, GUANAJUATO. About seven o'clock in the evening the train reached Silao, whence there is a branch fifteen miles long to Guanaj

Gallery Model 2 with the wheelbarrow. The Indians living

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uato, or rather to Marfil, its suburb. It was nearly nine o'clock when they reached the hotel at Guanajuato; there was not much to be seen in the evening, and so the time was passed mostly at the hotel, and devoted to a consideration of the history of the place. The youths found that the site of Guanajuato (pronounced Gwan-a-what-o) was given by one of the early viceroys to Don Rodrigo Vasquez, who was one of the conquerors who came with Cort

Registry in the neighborhood of the cities come down from the

ez; the gift was a reward for Don Rodrigo's services in assisting to add this valuable possession to the crown of Spain. According to tradition, the discovery of silver was made here by accident some time in 1548, and it immediately brought a crowd of adventurers in search of fortunes. For a long time Guanajuato was one of the most productive silver districts of Mexico; but since the Spanish domination ended, the product has greatly diminishe

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d; the yield at present is about $6,00

ir homes
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0,000 annually, and there are said to

in the
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be something like 2000 mining claims i

hills, b

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n the district. COURT-YARD OF A MEXICAN TENEMENT-HOUSE. The most famous mine of Guanajuato is that of San [Pg 106] José de Valenciano, and it is said to have yielded in the days of

ringing on their backs l
arge baskets fil led with
garden vegetabl es, chic
kens, and other marketab
Guest Book le things. The story goes that when an Indian from t

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Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

its prosperity about $800,000,000 worth of silver. When Humboldt visited it at the beginning of this century he estimated

guest 2
Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

that it produced one-fifth of t

guest 3
Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

he silver in the world. It was "in bonanza," as

guest 4
Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

the miners say, for about forty years after it

guest 5
Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

was opened, and paid enormous div

guest 6
Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

idends to its owners in spite of the heavy taxes exacted by the Government. From ten to twenty thousand people were employed in and around the Valenciano mine when it was in full operation. The galleries, chambers, and drifts of the min

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e are said to be more extensive than all the streets of the city, and the great tiro, or central shaft, is nearly 2000 feet deep. All the lower part of the mine is now filled with wa

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ter, and it cannot be removed except at a cost so great that nobody is willing to undertake it. The veta madre, or "mother-vein," on which the mine is located is pierced by several other mines, and many persons believe that Guanajuato has "seen its best days." SUPERINTENDENT'S HOUSE AT SILVER REDUCTION-WORKS. Doctor Bronson arranged for his party to visit one of the mines where the process of working could be seen; his application to the

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administrador, or director, of the mine that they wished to see was courteously [Pg 107] received, and the desired permission granted at once. Fred will tell the story of the excursion. A TON OF SILVER. "While waiting for the pass from the administrador," said Fred, "we took a look at the city, which has a population variously placed at from fifty to seventy thousand, mostly dependent on the mines for their support. The city stands in a ravine, and reminded us of Zacatecas. All the

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e him a "grip" with his feet on the
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